Established in 2013 in Polish city Lublin vape shop was first step into vaping world.

After short time we decided to introduce our first line of 20 concentrated flavorings “Just Fake!” parallel with branded nicotine bases. From the start we set our goal to produce our products with best quality components.

We gradually was adding more flavors to our offer, witch evolve into strictly e-liquid company. Now are offering 2 lines of flavor concentrates 4 lines of eliquids and more vape related products.

We developed our hobby to the point where it became our passion. Now we can proudly say that we are brand commited to excellence, improving every day for our customers.

Our experience combined with innovation allow us to deliver good quality hand-crafted product to the final recipient.


Our first vape related experience was opening vape shop in 2013, after that we developed into strictly e-liquid company. Mostly worked on domestic market, till 2017 we we reached first international customers.

Vape shop ownership - 5 years
Concetrated flavorings and nicotine bases manufacturer - 4 years
E-liquid manufacturer - 3 years


  • Individual approach to wholesale customer

    Our biggest advantage is our individual approach to wholesale customer. We can adjust our products to your personal demands or regulations in force in your country/region.
  • High quality products

    From the start we established “high quality products only” rule. We are looking only for best ingreadiends to satisfy our customers.
  • Short waiting time

    If it comes to our standard products (indywidualy prepared ones take some extra time) we ship it next day we recive payment for your order.
  • Profesional customer service.

    We aproach our customer individualy which help us to resolve any problems or doubts as fast as we can.
  • Wide range of products.

    After few years in vape buisiness our offer is preapared to satisfy wide range of customers.

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All of our e-liquids are hand-crafted for more precision and versatility.

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We are manufacturer of all products accessible on dotvape.store and everything is stored in one facility. This allow us to prepare package on the same day, up to two days.

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